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Site-Oriented Clinical Kits: The success of a study begins at the point of collection

04.18 2018.

SPECIAL ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT One of the primary challenges in conducting clinical trials, especially trials in multiple countries, is the collection and logistics of biological samples. As clinical trials become increasingly complex, sponsors and CROs must find ways to streamline operations to unburden sites and their investigators and keep the focus on the patients. Among the […] Details

Savvy Community Outreach Key to Growing Patient Populations

04.14 2018.

If you want to effectively promote clinical trials at the local level, “don’t wait to reach out to your community [until] you need something,” says John Stewart, MD, chief and associate professor of surgery with the Durham Veterans Administration Hospital of Duke University. Instead, connect with your community proactively over broad health issues such as […] Details

Lack of Standards Hinders Clinical Trial Workforce Opportunities

04.14 2018.

Standardization and training are keys to recruiting and training more principal investigators (PIs) for running clinical trials, according to panelists at the Clinical Trial Collaborations conference in Cambridge, Mass., on April 11. Luckily, the tools are available today. “This is a very encouraging time,” said Jennifer Byrne, founder of the Greater Gift Initiative, during a […] Details

Strong Ethical Programs Can Improve Patient Recruitment, Retention

04.13 2018.

One of the biggest hurdles holding back clinical trials as a care option is the physician’s and/or patient’s misperception that participating in a trial is directly beneficial to the patient, said Alison Bateman-House, PhD, MPH, MA, an assistant professor with the Division of Medical Ethics at NYU Langone Health. “We’ve got to address that,” Bateman-House told […] Details

Can We Find Ways to Make Physicians Better Trial Advocates?

04.12 2018.

Studies consistently show that doctor recommendations are one of the most effective ways to encourage patients to explore clinical trials. “Unfortunately, it’s not used as much as it could be,” said Murray Abramson, MD, vice president of global clinical operations at Biogen. “It’s a genuine opportunity,” he told attendees of the Clinical Trial Collaborations conference […] Details

Enhanced Patient Engagement Can Boost Trial Quality and Cut Costs

04.12 2018.

Interested in speeding your trials, saving money, and improving participant retention rates? The solution might be staring you in the face, says Beth Zaharoff, director of patient-focused trial engagement at TESARO. “Listen to your trial participants,” she told attendees of the Clinical Trial Collaborations conference in Cambridge, Mass., on April 10. “Never assume you know […] Details